"This edition of Synopsis focuses on one of South Africa’s highest foreign policy agenda items: The India-Brazil-South Africa Trilateral Dialogue Forum, more generally known as IBSA. IBSA is also a major policy dialogue initiative of the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) which has undertaken, with the support of the Ford Foundation, a project to develop an IBSA Civil Society Forum on Peace and Security. The aim is to address issues of regional and human security within the IBSA framework. The focus of discourse would essentially be two-fold, revolving around two thematic issue areas: 1) South-South cooperation on human and regional security concerns as they relate to IBSA; and 2) Possible trilateral (and/or complementary bilateral) areas of collaboration in military and defense management and conflict prevention management and resolution (CPMR), factoring in such human security dimensions as South Africa’s exploration of ‘developmental peacekeeping.’"