SWA/Namibie: Probleme en beleidskeuses verbonde aan politieke oorgang

"This paper sets out to attempt three things. Firstly, to advance a theoretical perspective based largely on the work of Rothchild and Curry (1978) on the problems generated by political transition in the case of most new states. Secondly, to define some of the problems and policy choices confronting policy-makers in transitional political systems. Thirdly, to venture beyond a mere description of these problems to a prescription of some policy choices which might be exercised by policy-makers in present day Namibia. It will be clear,therefore, that this preliminary analysis operates on both the levels of description and prescription, which implies that it is not based on a 'value free stance to social science research. The paper concludes with a critical analysis of the nature of opposition forces in Namibia and on the South African Prime Ministers concept of a 'constellation of Southern African states."