"This chapter has outlined several ideas and parameters for formalizing SD-PAMs in the context of the broader evolution of the climate change regime. A number of elements are likely to required, including definition of eligible types of SD-PAMs, as well as procedures for pledging, tracking, reporting on, and reviewing SD-PAMs implementation. Resolving GHG accounting issues may also enable quantification of the GHG benefits flowing from particular PAMs, or sectors within which multiple PAMs are targeted. Additional future work is needed in these areas. While the concept of pledging national policies and measures may be untried, many elements described above are adapted or borrowed from existing practice under the Convention. For instance, the process of agreeing on emission targets involved, in some sense, a bottom-up pledging process. Likewise, the Convention already employs a system for reporting and review of policy implementation. To be successful, an SD-PAMs system would need to build on and improve these systems."