The IEA Socio-Economic and Governance Surveys, seeks the opinion of the public on socio-economic and governance issues including people’s living conditions, government’s performance in addressing key socio-economic challenges, peace and security, freedom, discrimination, rights of political participation, trust in public institutions etc. Public awareness of socio-economic and governance issues have been enhanced by these surveys and informed debate on key challenges facing the country. The survey was carried out in November/December, 2015 and consisted of a regionally representative sample of 1,500 respondents aged 18 years and above from the 10 regions of Ghana. The study provides comprehensive information on individuals’ perception on the following: (i) economic/living conditions; (ii) safety and security; (iii) media abuse of freedoms; (iv) discrimination and relations between ethnic groups; (v) factors which influence voters in elections; (vi) trust in institutions; (vii) most important problems confronting the country; (viii) performance of current government; and (ix) access to public services in Ghana.