Sudan’s Foreign Relations with Asia China and the Politics of ‘looking east’

"This paper contextualises the position of China in Sudan today. It offers a general account aimed at capturing key trends, providing a snapshot of the dynamic landscape of Sudanese politics. China’s role in Sudan has received wide attention, notably prior to the passing of UN Security Council Resolution 1769 authorising an AU–UN mission for Darfur. However, while it has been Northern Sudan’s most prominent external partner, China has played the leading role in the wider reorientation of Sudan’s economic relations toward Asia that has become particularly evident in recent years. This paper surveys the position of China in Sudan today, locating Chinese engagement as part of this broader Asian dynamic. It considers the past and current context of China’s relations with Sudan and, traces the evolution of its diplomatic role over in Darfur and the development of relations with Southern Sudan. It concludes by considering the role of China and other Asian actors in relation to the CPA."