Study Report on Gender Dimensions of Climate Change Related Projects in Somalia

Climate change poses serious development challenge in Puntland and Somalia in general that needs to be addressed urgently. Somalia and Puntland development plans and policy documents recognize this challenge and observe that if climate change is not urgently addressed, it will compromise the progress that Somalia has made in the recent years. This study was carried out in between December 2018 and January 2019 to assess the gender dimensions of climate change related projects in Puntland. The study was based on literature review and field data collection. The literature reviewed focused on Puntland and Somalia policy documents related to climate change supplemented by selected global literature that present the state of knowledge and best practice on gender and climate change. Field data was collected in six target districts (Bender Beyla, Dangorayo, Iskushuban, Harfo and Dhahar) through focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Interviews were also organized with representatives of seven government ministries and four development organizations.