Study of Technological and Farming Systems Adaptation to Climate Change in Farming Communities of Enugu State, nigeria

"Climate change has a cumulative effect on natural resources including agricultural resources and the balance of nature. Its effects are already visible in Enugu state and Nigeria in general. In Nigeria and Enugu state in particular, varieties of food crops are produced and all are dependent on rainfall, so that where rain is abundant rain-fed crops are planted, and in drier parts of the country, crops that do not require much rain are cultivated. Based on this, the objectives of this research paper are to critically elicit the level of awareness and understanding of farmers and local communities concerning the manifestation and impacts of climate change. Furthermore, the study is to identify relationships between climate and adjustments in farming systems and management technologies in the study area. And finally, the research is to ascertain the patterns and manner of livelihood adjustments that have been implemented by the local communities and farmers in response to the climate change phenomenon."