Structural Barriers, Constraints and Urban Youth Employment : The Case of Ilala Municipality Dar Es Salaam

"The study is significant in that it sheds light on what can be done to increase the prospects for expanding urban youth employment. It contributes to understanding and developing strategies to remove constraints facing this occupational sub-sector, and thus will contribute to enhancing youth capabilities and expanding opportunities for urban youth employment. The study’s findings aim to influence urban municipal policies and regulatory reforms to recognise, facilitate and create an enabling environment for urban youth to increase self-employment through their unincorporated enterprises. This will contribute to reductions in urban unemployment and income poverty levels among young people. The study’s significance is also found in its challenge to prevailing assumptions related to business formalisation of informal markets. The study acknowledges that formalisation can improve productivity, especially for MSMEs and in some cases for UHUEs. However, aggressive application of business formalisation measures may negatively affect UHUEs, which provide a major source of self-employment for Tanzania’s urban youth."