Strengthening Political Party Representatives in Namibia: Training manual

"This manual is meant to facilitate a tailor-made training workshop for political parties in Namibia in their efforts to better understand and appreciate the provisions of the electoral law. It is also meant to assist in unpacking and understanding a ‘code of conduct’ and the process of poll watching so as to promote a democratic political system in which political parties have the skills, knowledge and experience to play a vital role in the enhancement of democracy and in which the integrity of the electoral process is maintained. To that end it is hoped that this manual and training programme will assist in pre-empting, preventing, managing and resolving intra-party and interparty conflict. Again, it will aim to provide assistance in the management of the media profiles of the parties and individuals within them. To this end, the main components of this training manual are as follows: Political parties and their functions; Conflict and conflict management; Leadership; External regulations of parties in Namibia; Poll watching."