Strengthening parliamentary democracy in SADC countries: Mozambique Country Report

"The objective of this study is to find answers to a number of questions regarding parliament in Mozambique, namely: • What are the roles, functions and importance of parliament? • How important is parliament to Mozambique's democracy? • What is the capacity available to and utilised by parliament? • What type of committee system does the Mozambican parliament operate and what role does it play? • What is the nature of the relationship between parliament and the public? • What structures and channels are used by parliament to disseminate information about its activities to the public? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these? • How does civil society engage with parliament? • Which civil society organisations (CSOs) are actively involved with parliament? • What are the weaknesses or strengths of parliament's existing engagement with civil society? • What are the roles and functions of opposition parties, their strengths and weaknesses?"