Strengthening parliamentary democracy in SADC countries: Mauritius country report

"This report begins with a short historic background on Mauritius highlighting the development of democracy and parliament as an institution. This is followed by an examination of the main features of the regime type, which is a Westminster-style parliamentary system. The report also discusses the electoral model used - first-past-the-post (FPTP) - and the implications of this for party representation in parliament. The report then examines the existing structures and channels for parliamentarians to engage with the executive. The existing structures and channels for parliament to disseminate information about its activities to the general public are highlighted in the report.The report further indicates that as a result of the electoral system, the opposition is often under-represented in parliament and does not use all available instruments to engage vigorously with the executive in parliament. Finally, a number of recommendations are made to enhance the effectiveness of parliament in terms of its oversight role as well as to improve its dissemination of information and engagement with civil society."