States Negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty A Toolkit for African States

"The toolkit exclusively focuses on the three core components of a future ATT, namely scope, criteria and implementation. Considerable detail is provided on each of these content areas in relatively straightforward terms in order for the toolkit to be an accessible and useful resource for African State negotiators. However, in so doing some of the more intricate details and explanations may have been excluded. In addition, the authors recognise that there is considerable national diversity in the manner in which States have sought to regulate transfers of conventional arms, but owing to space constraints it was not possible to make reference to all these variations. Each component of the toolkit includes a section on considerations for African States, which primarily makes reference to African obligations and commitments to regional and subregional small arms, light weapons and ammunition control instruments. In some sections African States are presented with information and analysis of historical and current arms control challenges and dynamics that may be useful for negotiation purposes."