"This report deals with South Africa’s compliance with 12 selected AU instruments. Eight of these 12 instruments are treaties while four are strategies, resolutions or plans of action. While treaties are legally binding on States Parties, resolutions are not. Seven of the treaties are already in force. Two await the required instruments of ratification to become effective and have not yet been signed or ratified by South Africa. The AU instruments monitored were regrouped under several headings which related to human rights and governance, women’s rights, children and youth rights, agriculture, conservation of nature and natural resources, and health. Each instrument was analysed starting with its legal status and/or its objectives. The Report also considered the popularisation of each instrument and the factors impeding South Africa’s compliance. The audit of compliance clearly indicates that South Africa has made significant strides to comply with the selected AU instruments, though much remains to be done. While commending South Africa for progress made, the report also identifies gaps and makes recommendations."