State of Border and Movements within Southern Africa

This policy brief seeks to provide an overview of border management in southern Africa. Firstly, it attempts to provide nuanced reflections on the complexities associated with the notion of borders and how the understanding of these notions inform conceptualisation of frameworks and systems for effective border management in southern Africa. It then explores the issues, systems, challenges associated with border management in the region. COVID-19 affected nearly all facets of peoples life, national and international systems and this brief provides some practical examples on how border management was affected from a regional perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic also provided opportunities such as catalysing and accelerating adoption of digitalisation, this is again explored in detail, identifying the features that are likely to facilitate digitalisation. It also answers the question: Is Southern Africa ready for digitalisation? and answers this question through analysis of recent evidence on these dimensions. It concludes by providing recommendations that SADC Member States may consider as they implement regional integration programmes.