South Korea's education and skills development: Some lesson for Africa

"This report focuses on the phenomenal educational success of South Korea since the 1960s.The paper is divided into four parts. First, I look at the essential cultural and historical elements and assess the place of education in Korean thought and practice. Second, I analyse the Korean development experience since 1961, and the part education has played within the economic miracle. I then turn to the challenges posed by the very success of the Korean drive to modernity and by the broader forces of globalisation. Third, I attempt to draw the main lessons from this entire experience, and evaluate the level of success that Korea's approaches have enjoyed, and finally, discuss what relevance these experiences have for Africa, and develop a list of lessons as they appear to me. My argument is that there are indeed some important implications for Africa, but if an educational approach inspired by Korea's success is to be attempted, some essential prerequisites must be attended to."