"This report is on developing South Africa’s renewable energy policy roadmaps. It is the final report for the second of two projects assigned to the Energy Research Centre by UNEP under its broader agenda of ‘enhancing information for renewable energy technology deployment in Brazil, China and South Africa’. It aims to project the impact different renewable policy options will have in South Africa. The renewable energy policy roadmaps focus on a feed-in tariff coupled with an electricity generation target for renewable electricity policy and Solar Water Heater rollout targets for other renewable energy policy. Deployment projections till 2030 are developed highlighting changes in the following parameters: private sector and government investments, employment creation and carbon dioxide emission levels, all relative to a baseline projection. The renewable energy technologies being assessed include solar water heaters (SWH) and electricity generated from wind farms, concentrating solar power (CSP) and large-scale (more than 1 MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. These four technologies were chosen because they are thought to bring an extensive contribution to the renewable energy supply of South Africa. In addition off grid renewable energy systems should be considered, but are beyond the scope of this report."