South Africa's Electricity Crisis: How did we get here? And how do we put things right?

"This report examines the electricity crisis in South Africa and CDE asked some basic questions about the crisis and how to minimise its negative impacts on our country over the years that it’s going to take to get out of this emergency. The South African electricity industry needs new leaders and managers to restore Eskom’s status as a world class utility; to attract private investment in new power stations; and to restore public and investor confidence. There are no substitutes for personal leadership accountability and for individual management responsibility. Political and business leaders have to be held – and hold themselves - personally accountable for what happens on their watch. If they fail to meet agreed targets, they should be able to give a precise and satisfactory explanation of why this was beyond their control. If they cannot, they should be fired. These may seem harsh rules. But, as South Africa has just discovered, the consequences of ignoring them cause far more damage to many more people. Eskom and government have failed to communicate effectively about the crisis with the South African people."