South African - Australian relations and the politics of perception: Kissing cousins or a quarrel in the family

"As one might expect, there are many perceptions of South Africa in Australia: each is the product of the world view of the beholder. This is not to say, as some would have us believe, that the topic of South Africa dominates the thinking of Australians or, for that matter, the Soviets or anyone else! It is to say, however, that when South Africa enters the thinking of Australians, certain images emerge and the generalisations which follow focus on these images. Primarily, we may identify three main perceptions of South Africa, which, for the sake of clarity, we shall call: a) The Kith and Kin School; b) The Functional and Help SA Reform School; and c) The Be Damned, Leave us Alone School. It needs to be stressed that each of these positions has two dimensions; first, an analytical - meaning the fashion in which the issue is seen - and second a normative -meaning offering a solution to the problem."