"The South African government announced its intention to make emissions data reporting mandatory for emitters of more than a 0.1Mt of greenhouse gases per year in the 2011 National Climate Change Response White Paper. The government intends to establish a ‘climate change response monitoring and evaluation system’, that ‘evolves with international measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) requirements.’ MRV is one of the key topics in the international climate negotiations to create trust and legitimacy. This report presents a mapping exercise of South African approaches to MRV. Research shows that a lot of databases and collections exist already, particularly in the emissions intensive energy sector. However, there is no coherent overall approach to the management of these data. Coordination is necessary for a comprehensive system. Government needs to lead this process ensuring the participation of all departments. It will be necessary to build on the existing structures and capacities to achieve the commitments in the White Paper. Three case studies present existing approaches to GHG reporting, besides the overall scoping. This scoping report is the result from the first phase of the Measurement and Performance Tracking Project that the World Resource Institute conducts in cooperation with the German Ministry for Environment and the Energy Research Centre."