Somalia's 2021 Elections: Somaliland Perspective

In 2020/2021, Somalia's Federal elections were supposed to take place in Muqdisho ending four years of Farmaajo's leadership, however, at the time of writing this report, the federal selection-based elections have been delayed due to political disagreements among the key political players. With the boundless diplomatic support (including enormous financial and technical assistance) being given to the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), the FGS has tried to use the international support to weaken Somaliland's hard-worn stability and locally sustained electoral democracy. In doing so, the internationally supported FGS in Muqdisho uses its diplomatic influence to sojourn Somaliland's quest for international recognition. The international community particularly Turkey and Qatar unilaterally supporting Somalia's political reconciliation and reconstruction without addressing Somaliland's core issues (quest of international recognition) create an imbalance of power and resource between Somaliland and Somalia, leading to an unimaginable future for both sides (Somaliland and Somalia) for the decades to come. Somaliland and Somalia should find a way to end the stand-off between the two sides and plan an internationally driven road-map that puts an end to this political impasse that has prevented both parties to develop economically and live-in harmony.