Socio-Economic and Environmental Consequences of Agricultural Technology: A Comparative Study of Small Scale Surface Irrigation Technology in Nigeria and Swaziland

"This study compares the socio-economic and environmental consequences of small scale surface irrigation (SSSI) technology in Nigeria and Swaziland. Its major thrust is to identify and compare the economic and environmental externalities of the technology in the two countries. The broad premise is that even as technological innovation is seen as the engine of modern agricultural productivity improvements, international trade competitiveness and general economic growth, and the externalities of the technology may, in the long-run, be inimical to sustainable agricultural/economic development. The study investigated the consequences of surface irrigation technology on the socioeconomic life of farmers and their environment in Nigeria and Swaziland, and identifies the technoenvironmental mismatches that exist. It suggests possible mitigation measures to the socio-economic and environmental problems observed in both countries."