Social Safety Nets in Botswana Administration, Targetting and Sustainability

"In this publication, we make a comprehensive review of SSNs in Botswana to examine a number of issues relating to delivery, administration and effectiveness of the existing SSNs. Chapter 1 provides a detailed outline of the methodology.Chapter 2 provides a general overview of poverty reduction policies in Botswana. In the same section, we discuss the role that SSNs play in poverty reduction, including their objectives and eligibility criteria. Chapter 3 discusses the views of beneficiaries, programme implementing agencies and key informants about programme delivery and administration. Chapter 4 uses HIES data to examine the effectiveness of SSNs. In particular, this section examines poverty over a life-cycle and the role of SSNs, programme coverage, targeting and overlaps, and effects of SSNs on poverty. In Chapter 5 we briefly examine the sustainability of SSNs using public expenditure data. Finally, Chapter 6 provides conclusions and recommendations."