Small Business Organisations in South Africa: Why are They being Ignored

There are several small business advocacy groups in Gauteng doing their utmost to push for a more open and conducive environment for small business in the face of indifference from a government that claims to support such entrepreneurs. While CDE does not necessarily agree with or endorse each and every suggestion made by these business chambers, we believe they are working hard to ensure small firms in marginalised areas operate in easier business environments. With good advice and guidance, assistance in capacity development, and greater resources, they could make a meaningful difference in helping to generate the business growth and job creation that this country so desperately needs if only government starts to seriously engage with them. This requires a genuine willingness to work with well-established, legitimate private business member organisations, rather than the reported non-existent or, at best, ‘tick-box’ approach. We call on all levels of government, from the Presidency, the Minister, and the DSBD down to provincial and municipal governments, to rise to this challenge.