A Silver Lining to Covid-19: Localising Supermarket Value Chains

The article “A Silver Lining to Covid-19: Localising Supermarket Value Chains” discuss the economic impact of COVID-19 on the Zambian economy particularly for local suppliers. “Keeping Children in Schools Fed” discusses the impact of the school closures and how this had an influence on the Zambia’s School Feeding Programme (SFP) providing meals for children. “Innovative COVID-19 Response Options for Civil Society” highlights the ways in which civil society and governments can support each other to combat COVID-19. “Inequality beyond Income and Averages” discusses the progress that Zambia has made in terms of human development. The next article “Brexit: What then for Zambia-UK Trade?” describes the implications for Zambia’s trade after Brexit and the changes involved. The joint study by ZIPAR and the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) on economic implications of climate change in Zambia is discussed in the article titled “ZIPAR and IAPRI study Economic Implications of Climate Change in Zambia” On page 14 titled: A date with parliament; the nine presentations made to Parliament are listed which took place in the period January to June 2020. ZIPAR made these nine presentations to Parliament on various policy matters.