"This report summarises the deliberations held during the high-level meeting, and its outcomes. Efforts are made to contextualise the discussions that occurred by providing information on overarching processes and developments that informed the gathering’s agenda, and to share an overview of key considerations in the AU’s quest to achieve its Vision 2020. The report then delves into the content of presentations made during the retreat and the discussions they stimulated, all the while complementing this information with excerpts and research relevant to each respective session. Thematic issues relating to, inter alia, recent trends in serious conflict in Africa, current efforts to support and consolidate responses to war, and the central role of good governance in preventing and managing conflict also featured in discussions. This report draws attention to the considerable work of the AU, particularly that done through its special envoys and mediators, in working toward the prevention and resolution of conflict, and effective management of the continent’s peace and security challenges, in line with Vision 2020. It also highlights the many key considerations and strategies in place to move the continent toward a better future that is more secure and stable for all."