Sierra Leone A Country Review of Crime and Criminal Justice, 2008

"The overall objective of this study was to generate data and information that can be used to review the scale of crime and the criminal justice system in Sierra Leone, one of the African countries undergoing the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)process. The ultimate goal is to enhance the implementation of New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) programmes in Sierra Leone in particular and in Africa in general. The specific objectives of the review were as follows: To assess the extent and magnitude of crime in Sierra Leone, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system, which includes the judiciary, the police and prisons service. To identify the problems and constraints of Sierra Leone’s criminal justice system. To review the policies, strategies and programmes that are in place to ensure access to justice in Sierra Leone. To examine the process of and the procedures for dispensing justice for juveniles. To identify areas requiring strengthening and to develop appropriate recommendations. To assess the customary justice system in Sierra Leone. To gauge the perceptions of Sierra Leoneans and other stakeholders on the effectiveness of the country’s criminal justice system."