"This study represents an attempt to critically analyze sexist overtones evident in Kiswahili metaphors. Specific interest is focused on attitudes towards women, questions of central focus for the research includes: What are the most frequently used metaphors in reference to women? What are the principles underlying such language usage? What are the feelings, attitudes, and opinions towards such lexical items? Would it sound natural for the same or similar metaphors to refer to men? Does the female metaphor repertoire in Kiswahili language represent the conciseness and clearness of thought of Swahili men? Does Swahili community use metaphors of the same or similar kind? Why? This research set forth to study in depth Swahili metaphors used in reference to women. It undertook to identify and describe detailedly main characteristics of specific female metaphors. As the linguistic items were dealt with, the study unravelled shreds of sexism and their contextual implications."