See no evil, hear no evil: The social economy of organised crime in Mozambique

"The rapid growth of organised crime in Southern Africa over the last decade has become a serious concern for both governments and citizens living in the region. In developing countries, organised crime activities exact a high cost in terms of health and security; they also undermine investor confidence and hinder development. High levels of organised crime can lead to a loss of public confidence in the authorities, the creation of competing centres of political power and general public unruliness. Moreover the negative impact on governance is amplified by corrupt collaboration between organised criminals and private/public officials. This study into the social economy of organised crime in Mozambique highlights many of the above concerns and looks specifically at the impact of organised crime on communities. This work is part of a broader research programme into the social economy of organised crime within the SADC region. Based on its survey of communities, it argues for the development of alternative approaches towards organised crime and corruption, that could complement traditional crime prevention strategies."