Security Sector Reform Monitor: Burundi

"Few internal or external oversight mechanisms exist in Burundi’s security sector. In focusing on transparency and accountability, this Security Sector Reform Monitor: Burundi highlights the internal oversight mechanisms of the national police and armed forces, and considers the work of independent oversight bodies such as the ombudsman, parliament, civil society organizations and the judiciary. While acknowledging that some progress has been made, the report urges Burundian authorities to find the political will to consolidate and build on recent gains in the governance of its security operations. In recent years, Burundian authorities have begun to strengthen the legal and regulatory frameworks of their defence and security institutions. The Arusha Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation (August 2000) and subsequent recommendations to reform the Supreme Judicial Council have helped establish stronger democratic oversight and accountability within Burundi’s defence and security institutions. Outside the official institutions, national and international civil society organizations play an increasingly important watchdog role in the security sector."