Security and Development in the Horn of Africa: Emerging Powers, and Competing Regionalisms

Emerging powers are becoming centers for varieties of conflict as well as development. With a focus on the complexities of the Horn of Africa, we highlight non-traditional security (NTS) – transnational challenges including ‘fragile states’, terrorism, migrations and viruses – which continue to undermine contemporary state and governance structures inside & around the region. We argue that NTS challenges demand alternative and creative ways to address them: a challenge to IPSS & other African think tanks. We show how the Horn of Africa illustrates all these and other emergent factors in differing proportions over time. Further, we also argue that the BRICS’ and TICK’s (Turkey, India, China and Korea) internal and regional ‘transnational tensions’ and ‘informal’ flows will impact global governance & human security for the foreseeable future. In short, the Horn needs to be rethought. A return to securitization would be unhelpful.