This report contributes to the growing interest in South Africa’s maritime domestic and foreign policies by critically discussing recent developments. South Africa should be considered, at least by virtue of its geographic location, a unique maritime country. Yet its maritime interests have only recently risen to become important political priorities. Global interest in developing oceans economies, protecting ocean ecosystems and enhancing maritime security has coincided with South Africa’s turn to the oceans as a site for achieving national development objectives. Against this background the report examines South Africa’s approach towards the provision of maritime security and the important international role it plays as a provider. It goes on to look at how it is poised to shape and steer important long-term international ocean governance institutions and mechanisms as a leading member state of important organisations such as the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). The report concludes by considering how South Africa can play a greater role in the revival of the maritime strategies of the African Union (AU) to ensure the necessary alignment between its national oceans economy, regional and Indian Ocean policies and African and international policies. The report will therefore suggest ways in which future policy making can benefit from this more integrated and practical approach.