There is a growing concern from a number of analysts who believe that the true level of public debt may be higher than what is being reported officially. The cover story in this newsletter strives to provide insights on the growing concern of “hidden debt” by answering the following questions: 1. How did we get to this point? 2. What is the scope and definition of public debt? 3. Why are there inconsistencies in some loan figures? 4. At what point does a loan contracted become part of the debt stock? Another trending topic featured in this issue is the recent deployment of roadside speed cameras by the Road Traffic and Safety Agency and whether these improve road safety. We also address the need for Zambia to rethink maize dependency for a staple in order to attain a more enriched lifestyle and a diversified and climate-change-resilient agriculture sector. The article "Gender imbalances in Zambia’s labour market: Why it matters" addresses the inequality of the female labour market in Zambia. On the corporate side, ZIPAR recently completed the strategic planning process and we are pleased to announce a new Strategic Plan to guide our organisation over the next 4 years. With this new plan, ZIPAR has a new Mission: “To champion quality public policy by conducting credible research and analysis for sustainable development” and a new Vision: “A dynamic Think Tank of international repute influencing public policy”.