This Southern Africa Record contains the following texts: South Africa, Angola and Namibia - Protocol signed at Geneva between South Africa, Angola and Cuba; UN statement on 10th anniversary of Resolution 435; Statement by South African Minister of Foreign Affairs; Protocol of Brazzaville and annexure signed at Brazzaville by Angola, Cuba and South Africa; Agreement between South Africa, Angola and Cuba; South Africa and Namibia (Walvis Bay)- Extracts from United Nations General Assembly; Text of Security Council Resolution 432 (1978); Documentation relating to the historic status of Walvis Bay and various islands bordering the Namibian coastline. South Africa and Namibia (SWAPO)- Extracts from Joint Press Conference held during Conference in Stockholm between delegations from SWAPO and Namibian white community South Africa and Mozambique - Speech by General Jacinto Veloso, Mozambican Minister of Cooperation; Communique of Joint Security Commission of Mozambique and South Africa; South African Department of Foreign Affairs release on Joint Commission for Economic Affairs between Mozambique and South Africa; South Africa and Southern Africa - Extracts from speech by South African Minister of Defence. South Africa and the United Kingdom - Extracts from interview with British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher; Extracts from speech by British Ambassador, Robin Renwick.