At the opening of the first Parliament of Zimbabwe, President Canaan Banana delivered a ‘Presidential Directive’ for the development of Zimbabwe. In an address to the UN General Assembly the Zimbabwean Prime Minister urged the Zimbabwean government to ‘finalize a new development strategy for the next decade. In a broadcast to the nation the Hon. Robert Mugabe, thanked Zimbabweans for their lawful conduct and loyalty to government, for accepting the principle of peace and reconciliation, and the phenomenon of adjustment to change on which it is based. At the opening of ZIMCORD, he welcomes guests and hopes their stay will enable them to gain first-hand knowledge of Zimbabwe’s development programmes and greater insight into Zimbabwe’s need for assistance. In an address to the nation the Hon. Robert Mugabe looks briefly at the short period of twelve months which Zimbabwe has spent as a new nation. At the conclusion of a visit by the South African Foreign Minister to Washington D.C, Administration Officials wanted a statement of commitment to work with the United States and with other parties in a ‘cooperative spirit’ towards a Namibian settlement. Deputy Secretary William Clark’s visit to South Africa to continue discussions begun during Foreign Minister Botha’s visit to Washington was announced. A statement by Dr Chester A. Crocker, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs is given to the Africa subcommittee of the House of Representatives on the Reagan administration’s efforts to date designed to bring about independence for Namibia. In a letter from President Ronald Reagan to OAU chairman, Dr Siaka Stevens, the president believed that it was evident that the US is seriously and responsibly engaged in seeking ways to strengthen the security and development of Southern Africa. The record then gives extracts from an interview with Mr Sam Nujoma, President of SWAPO. The US Secretary of State-Designate for African Affairs, Dr Chester A. Crocker said that what they sought for in Southern Africa is an environment of peace and regional security in which economic interdependence of that region can flourish. He then gives a report of new United States military ties with South Africa.