SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 11

This Southern Africa Record contains the following: Statement by the President of Mozambique, Samora Machel, at the United Nations Conference in Support of the Peoples of Namibia and Zimbabwe, Maputo, 16 May 1977; Extract concerning South West Africa/Namibia and Rhodesia, from a statement in Parliament by the South African Foreign Minister, R.F. Botha, on 14 June 1977; Extract from an address by the Administrator-General of South West Africa/ Namibia, M.T. Steyn, in Windhoek on 1 September 1977; Statement by the Rhodesian Government, announcing plans for internal talks, and replies by the Prime Minister Ian D. Smith, to questions at a press conference in Bulawayo on 23 November 1977;Disclosure of 1968 correspondence between the South African Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster, and the Zambian President, K.D. Kaunda; Extract concerning Angola from a Statement in Parliament on February 1976, by the South African Minister of Defence, P.W. Botha.