This Southern Africa record contains the following texts: Speech on Angola by K.D. Kaunda, President of Zambia; South Africa and Angola: Statement in Parliament on 25 March 1976 by the South African Minister of Defence, P.W. Botha, concerning refugees in Angola and the withdrawal of South African troops from Angola; Letters from the Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Nations;Resolution 387 (1976) adopted by the Security Council on 31 March 1976; Press statement concerning the breakdown of the Smith-Nkomo Constitutional Talks, by the President of Zambia; Extracts concerning Rhodesia, South West Africa/Namibia and the Indian Ocean, from a Mozambique/Zambia joint communiqué issued in Maputo on 25 April 1976; British Proposals for a transitional government in Rhodesia (January 1977); Extracts concerning Rhodesia and South West Africa/Namibia, from an address by the South African Foreign Minister, R.F. Botha; Speech on relations with Africa by the United States Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, to the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, in St. Louis, Missouri, on 1 July 1977; Address to the Nation by the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian D. Smith, on 18 July 1977; Excerpts from speeches by the South African Prime Minister, B.J. Vorster; Interview with Peter Katjavivi, Information Secretary of SWAPO, in London, September 1977.