SAIIA Newsletter vol. 6, no. 4, 1974

This newsletter contains five articles by various authors.D.P. de Villiers’s article discusses the future of Southern Africa. States in Black Africa are willing to deal with the Republic on certain conditions, and the Western Powers favour détente. Martin C. Spring’s article describes relations between South African and Japan, which are tenuous due to physical distance, no historical bonds, mutual suspicion and politics. Donald B. Easum’s article describes US foreign policy as related to Africa, discussing Black American concern for Africa as well as the issuing of the Lusaka Manifesto. It considers the factors of racial equality, decolonization, the developments in the Portuguese territories, and Rhodesia and Namibia with regard to US policy, which is to encourage positive change in South Africa. Roy Mason’s article discusses the future of British defence commitments. Britain is starting an extensive review of its defence systems. The next article is the text of a joint United States–Soviet statement on strategic arms limitation issued in Vladivostok on 24 November 1974. Leif Egeland’s article is the opening of the Conference “Strategy for Development”, held at Jan Smuts House from 4 to 7 December 1974.