This newsletter contains several articles by various authors. John Barratt’s article describes developments in Portugal and its African provinces, Angola and Mozambique, discusses the constitutional changes in Portugal under the direction of Prime Minister Caetano, and presents trends of Portuguese policy, as well as implications for South Africa. The next article reproduces the texts of C.B. Pearce and S. Motsuenyane’s concerning their impressions of overseas attitudes towards South Africa, gained during a recent joint mission to the United Kingdom and other European countries.The following article is an interview with Mr. Brand Fourie on the importance of South America discussing the importance of Latin America in the world and to South Africa.The next article concerns the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea. The following article concerns the UN Conference on Raw Materials and Development, which ended with few firm decisions. Otto Krause’s article is a reply to a previous article by David Hirschmann. The author states that Hirschmann portrays a caricature view of the Afrikaner and ignores that the main force for change in South Africa is pressure from within Afrikanerdom.