SAIIA Newsletter vol. 6, no. 3, 1974

This newsletter contains articles by various authors. The first article concerns a symposium on South Africa and the future of world energy resources. John Barratt’s article is a brief report following the joint statement released on August 20, 1974, by the Africa Institute of South Africa, which sponsored the visit to West Africa referred to therein.John Seiler’s article discusses whether the South African perspective of the world can serve as the basis of a productive foreign policy. The next article deals with President Bouphouet-Boigny’s comments on not recognising the People’s Republic as well as on possible dialogue with South Africa. The following article addresses Australia’s attitude towards the Indian Ocean in relation to activity there by the superpowers, which is not in the interests of littoral states like Australia.The last part of the newsletter deals with recent South African newspaper comments concerning Rhodesia.