This newsletter contains five articles and several brief reports. Lucy Mvubelo’s article describes the 1973 International Labour Conference and the South African labour question, discussing the foundation of the ILO, its campaign against South Africa’s racial policies and South Africa’s withdrawal from the ILO. T.J.A. Gerdener’s article describes relationships between South Africa and Southern Africa. South African’s domestic position is becoming more delicate, and its international relations are deteriorating. Commodore A.F.C. Wemyss’s article describes the use of limited naval force, or gunboat diplomacy, in the post-world War II era. Dr. C.E. Mulder’s article describes the role of the mass media in international politics. The last article describes Australia’s overseas aid, outlining recent developments in aid policies and programs, covering the following: development assistance policy, aid administration, assistance programming, financial terms, geographic distribution, food aid, emergency relief, project aid, training, technical assistance, research assistance, multilateral aid, and voluntary aid. The brief reports discuss the 1973 Commonwealth Conference, the energy crisis, Australian policy towards Uganda, Portugal and Rhodesia, and Israel’s relations with Black Africa.