This newsletter contains seven articles and three brief reports. The first article, by Leif Egeland, discusses the development of the South African Institute of International Affairs, and welcomes support by members to secure its future. The second article is the statement of the South African Foreign Minister in the General Debate of the U.N. General Assembly (28th Session). The third article is the statement of the South African Minister of Finance at the Annual Meeting of the I.M.F. (Sept. 1973). The fourth article concerns Lesotho, the O.A.U. and southern Africa. It contains the address by His Majesty, King Moshoeshoe II, to the O.A.U, and the statement by the Prime Minister, Chief Leabua Jonathan, on the 10th Anniversary of the O.A.U. The fifth article, by Jeremy Keenan, concerns Algeria and appraises issues crucial to understanding not only the Algerian War of Independence, but also Algerian society as a whole, especially the role of Islam in Algerian nationalism and the nature of Berberism. The sixth article, by Jan F. Beekman, describes variety in communist thinking, especially its interpretation in Yugoslavia and Roumania. The seventh article, by John Rees, concerns the stand of the World Council of Churches towards South Africa, looking at its history, and the decision taken at its Utrecht meeting in 1972 to pursue a course of disinvestment and withdrawal from South Africa. The brief reports deal with Britain’s economic relations with African states, the United States and Rhodesia, and the visit of United States congressmen to several countries in Africa.