This newsletter contains several articles and brief reports. Sir Arthur Snelling’s article presents a “a personal view of Africa” which does not represent the views of the British Government, which at present differ more about policy towards South Africa than towards any other country in the world. James Alexander Shaw’s article describes the launching of the West German development aid programme in the 1950s, resulting in greater German participation in the Free World aid effort. The brief reports concern comments from Lesotho and Botswana about dialogue with South Africa, the representation of China in the United Nations, the question of who will succeed Bourguiba in Tunisia, and a new guerrilla group, Frolizi, in Zimbabwe. The newsletter closes by mentioning a successful symposium, “Natural Resources in Southern Africa: Scientific and Policy Aspects” in 1971, and the text of a statement concerning a forthcoming conference on natural resources in Southern Africa to be held in 1972.