This newsletter contains three articles, seven brief reports, news from the branches, and book reviews. Martin Spring’s article discusses Japan’s rise to economic and technological power, and relates Japan to other nations of the world, including South Africa. The next articles concerns Britain’s announcement on 23 June 1971 of its possible entry into the EEC. If it decides to join, Britain will adopt the rules of the EEC after a transitional period of five years which will run from 1 January 1973. The following article concerns the 8th Summit Conference of the Organisation of African Unity in 1971, which was dominated by the issue of dialogue with South Africa. Following the above-mentioned articles, several brief reports address the following topics: the question of the successor to the UN Secretary-General, President Nixon’s proposed visit to China, the new president in Haiti, Iran’s claim to islands in the Persian Gulf, a proposed road from the west to east coasts of Africa, the return of Okinawa to Japan, and the formation of the Southern African Regional Tourism Council (SARTOC).