The newsletter contains four articles by different authors.The first two articles have as its focus the Suez Canal. In the first article the implications of the closing of the Suez Canal is the focus. The closing will not only have an effect on the countries around the Suez Canal but will influence world trade as such. This will also have an effect on the economy of countries using the Suez Canal to transport oil and other products. The view from the Soviet Union is in favour of the elimination of Israeli aggression in the region to restore transport through the Canal. The second article on this topic focuses on the commercial viability of the Suez Canal. The first problem is the obstructions in the Canal but also the increasing size and changing design of the carriers that has to pass through the Canal. The deepening of the Canal has not been done and this will have implications for the commercial future for the Suez Canal. The next article deals with the outward movement in South Africa’s foreign relations. This policy was designed to lead South Africa back from isolation and to enhance the current foreign policy of the day without compromising South Africa’s domestic affairs policy. The author continues his article with the implications of the outward policy with regard to South Africa’s neighbours and role in Africa. The last article gives an overview of the SAIIA library at Jan Smuts House.