This newsletter contains three articles by various authors and several brief reports. Nicholas Cayzer's article describes changes in the world from a British viewpoint, covering the two world wars, the emergence of America and the Soviet Union as super powers, the dismemberment of the British Empire, and the influence of China and Japan.J.H. Coetzee’s article describes the possibilities of cooperation in Africa. Real intra-African cooperation has met with limited success. Barend van Niekerk’s article focuses on Francophone West Africa, which the author considers as more important to South Africa’s foreign policies than Francophone Central Africa.The brief reports deal with Parliament and Foreign Affairs, the United States–China joint communiqué, the South African reaction to the report by Pearce commission, President Nixon’s visit to Moscow, the Trans-Africa highway, the U.N. Conference on the human environment, and the foreign policy of Swaziland.