SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 8, no. 1, 1984

This edition of the Bulletin contains the texts of five papers presented at a conference on "South Africa and its Neighbours: Policy Questions for the 1980V. The first article by Robert Legvold discusses the threat that the Soviet Union holds for Southern Africa. The need to understand the Soviet foreign policy is indicative of the Soviet policy and strategy for the Southern Africa region. He discusses the Soviet policy in Sub-Saharan Africa to be able to explain the policy for Southern Africa. The second article by Donald Sole on the goals of the West in Southern Africa: A South African view covers the view that the West has of South Africa and what is perceived by the South African as the West. Furthermore it describes the goals from 4 countries for South Africa and how this goals is viewed by South Africans. Donald McHenry in his article The goals of the West extends this view to other Western countries and how this influence the South African scenario. The fourth article by S S Brand on Economic linkages discusses the economic links between South Africa and its neighbours. Some policy choices that have already arisen for the various governments in the region is identified and possible outcomes of the actual process of decision-making is portrayed. The last article by Henry Bienen on the economic interests and security issues in Southern Africa describes the economic power of South Africa and the dependency of Africa on the economic development in South Africa.