This international affairs bulletin contains four articles: Hedley Bull’s article concerns the relationship between the West and South Africa, which is more tense than ever before. This article inquires into reasons for Western hostility towards South Africa, whether the present policy is founded on a true view of Western interests and responsibilities, and what South Africa can do to make the West less hostile. The Rev. Ndabaningi Sithole’s article describes the Rhodesian internal settlement and prospects for peace. The article discusses the history of the negotiations, majority rule, release of detainees, the important of the Zimbabwean experiment for southern Africa, and the position of whites after Zimbabwe becomes free. Bishop A.T. Muzorewa’s article describes the outlook for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has taken the option of peace, progress and prosperity. Freedom from hunger must also be equated with other democratic freedoms, and there must be an equitable distribution of wealth and an increase in national prosperity through encouraging private investment and enterprise. Zimbabwe must be non-racial. The key to international recognition lies in the Salisbury Agreement, the only viable alternative leading to stability, peace, progress and independence for the country. The last article is a Report of the Trilateral Commission on the Management of Interdependence. The international system is undergoing fundamental changes which could enhance the likelihood of economic, political and ecological breakdown. The report attempts to develop an appropriate strategy of action for the Trilateral countries.