SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 3, 1977

This International Affairs Bulletin contains the following three articles: Deon Geldenhuys’ article describes the politics of international unpopularity as related to South Africa’s status as a pariah state. The article describes how South Africa reached this status after the Second World War, how she is handling it, and prospects for the future. The picture of South Africa’s place in the international community is a gloomy one. Peter C.J. Vale’s article narrows its focus from a group of nations considered as international pariahs to South Africa specifically. It defines the concept “pariah”, examines historical pariahs, pariah states in today’s world, presents some characteristics and options, and examines South Africa’s international standing in the light of the above. Rowan Cronje’s article describes the future of Rhodesia. Military pressures on Rhodesia are clearly Marxist, while diplomatic and political pressures come from the West. The way the Rhodesian question is resolved will affect the whole of Southern Africa. The solution cannot be simply a military one; it must have the support of the Rhodesian people. The outside world has been critical of the Rhodesian Government’s past to find a peaceful solution, but they have since kept to the agreements.