SAIIA International Affairs Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 2, 1977

This International Affairs Bulletin contains the following articles: Donald Baker’s article describes US perspectives on development in southern Africa. US policy towards Southern Africa is being transformed. Policy changes can be detected in three areas: the Namibian and Rhodesian settlement issues, policies towards development problems in the Third World, and US pressures upon South Africa to changes its racial policies. Ariston Chambati’s article assesses the possibility of a settlement within the Anglo-American initiative and points out the difficulties of an internal settlement. The ANC Zimbabwe’s understanding is that a prerequisite for a settlement is ending the war. Tsepo Letlaka’s article discusses the relationship between the Republic of Transkei and the international community, which does not seem to allow Transkei to disentangle itself from apartheid. Unfounded allegations were made, and separate development is irrelevant to the freedom of Transkei. Richard Bissell’s article describes the attitude of the African states towards the UN and the OAU. The relationship between them can be explained in terms of authority and legitimacy. Emerging international issues have placed the African states in a perilous diplomatic situation, where South Africa has opportunities to participate in international life. Carlos Barbieri’s article describes Latin America’s role in international politics. Latin America cannot be regarded as a homogeneous whole; there are major political and economical differences. The article concludes that the Latin American countries are searching for new systems to represent their national aspirations and realities.