Debates about development in the regional context invariably contain specific or implicit references to increased trade. Within the context of Nepad, the argument is also for more trade, rather than aid. So what have the countries of Southern Africa been doing to increase intraregional and international trade?. This issue of SADC Barometer contains the following articles: • Poverty in Paradise. • The SADC Trade Protocol and Women’s Empowerment. • Too Many Free Trade Areas? • Zambia and the SADC Trade Protocol. • Few Obvious Short-Term Benefits for Namibia. • Doha and Challenges for SADC countries. • SA’s Strategic Position. • SADC Dispute Settlement. • What Determines Investment into SADC? • The SADC Investment and Finance Protocol. • Combating Graft in SADC. • Fighting Conflict Diamonds. • SADC Council of NGOs. • Selected SADC Meetings.